Living on a Prayer

Rescue Husbands, Dresses to the Rescue & Boomerang Rescues!

Sometimes as a rescuer, as in life, the serenity prayer are the only lines to ‘go to’ to equip you for life’s dilemmas. Here you get reaction reminders – when to have courage, acceptance, or wisdom. Without knowing it, I’m beginning to live it because I have to. So how did they play out this week?
On Monday my first rescue, Mini Ellie, went to her new home. This home knew it would be unfair to have her by herself so they picked the perfect friend for her: Robin, a Forgotten Horses Ireland rescue. And so we were picked up by them and we made our way to Croom. It’s never easy to let go, but I surprised myself when I never cried. Something in me knew, she was finally home, and both of us had reached our final parting point. And accepting that was part of my letting go with ease. I guess to keep any rescue forever is often like watching your front garden grow so beautifully but the back garden is crying out for attention! There are other rescues needing you. So, you turn your back on your hard work and let someone else enjoy it. Mini’s new family truly love her already. I guess we have to be able to let go of people we love too sometimes. Acceptance is a remedy for the arrow of pain through your heart. Accepting that it is for the best and accepting that the pain will ease with time. It works!
Then it was music to my ears when Joe from FHI said on the way home, we will move Erin, to join my friend’s old mare who was heartbroken to see her field buddy go. Blue mothered Mini when I first rescued her. At 36 she made a great mother to a pony who had seen too much hardship for a two year old.
But Erin’s move was not meant to be. Erin is now a tall beautiful mare but a mare afraid of her own shadow. I was so proud of her as hoove by hoove she was guided in and I held the lead rope ahead of her. I looked at the bar thinking once I get behind that, she will be in. And so I ducked under as her last reluctant hoove made it in enough that the ramp could be lifted back up. But, it was at that point, all her fears joined together and triggered a panic attack. Erin was determined to get back out. I can’t tell you how it happened, but I didn’t get a chance to tie her to keep her facing forward. All I remember was panic, and my fingers letting go of the lead ropes. Once back out, we all tried to pacify her to keep her in as we covered the gap that her head was coming out over. And then, you hear the words that make you want to cover your ear. ‘NO, please No,’ nearly escaped me. But you surrender to the wisdom of another rescuer who knows best. And so you accept the words, ‘we’ll have to let her out!’ And the ramp comes down and you watch her running away from you only to come back with eyes full of regret. If she could talk, she would have said, ‘bring back the box and I will try again. Let me try again!’ We all know that feeling, knowing we need to face our fears in order to move forward. But we will try again. One day, Erin!
I haven’t plucked up the courage yet to share some news. I guess some rescue ponies are like boomerangs: they keep coming back. But I’ve the courage to face the consequences of returned rescues. I have learned to ‘get on with it’. To keep them safe and fed for now. They are bundles of love and I just wish I had more time to enjoy their little antics and games.
This week Facebook was filled again with terrible accounts of animal cruelty. I really try to understand, even feel compassion for the person so broken and hurt that they can inflict such pain on another living being. But anger overcomes you most of the time but wishing them pain does not bring the animal back to life. Do we pray for these people or do we curse them? Which brings more hope?
Every week I make a real attempt to try fit in ‘excercise’. I need to face this Winter stronger and fitter. Last winter I could feel my back giving in as I lifted bale after bale. So after some research I decided Crossfit is exactly what I need. Getting there is the only obstacle I face now. I’m looking forward to it though.
This week I realised how lucky I am to have great men in my life that will help me. I probably take the great women for granted as they are constant and forever! Whether to transport, to build shelters, or to listen to me – yes, I have great men in my life! Who needs one husband when you can have many rescue husbands? Someone asked me the other day! Although having one of your own might just be nice too!

The Thank You(s).
Pat for the generous donation towards transport. Babydog rescue for giving me more food to help my doggie feeding programme.Forgotten Horses Ireland for the support and transport. All the ladies offering to collect dresses for ‘Dresses to the Rescue’ fundraiser. And my friends for being there!

One thought on “Living on a Prayer

  1. It’s been a funny old week. I’ve been close to losing my cool online and telling people exactly what I think of them. But thankfully have been able to breathe it away.
    A foal arrived at last, and needed a little help in his first few hours. Somebody asked, what if she was where she was before. I don’t usually dwell on these “what ifs” but I allowed myself to and the truth that poured onto my screen both shocked me and reminded me, why I do, what I do.
    I have a boomerang pony. He has come back twice, so I think he wants to stay. So stay he shall.
    I’m lucky to have my husband be my rescue husband. It keeps me sane in the wee hours. We’ll… As sane as I get. Lol
    Love to you from all of us. ❤️


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