When human nature becomes undone!

What can you say that hasn’t been said already after watching the horrifying clip of a young man throwing and kicking a tiny kitten around – this was after putting her on a stove. Maybe we should be asking questions like: why are young men kicking a kitten around instead of a football; why are they posting these video clips as badges of honour; what part of them is so broken that this is how they try to fix their brokenness; and
what part of them finds kicking around an 8 week old kitten amusing – so much so, that you can hear a chorus of laughter behind the camera!
One of the diagnostic criteria for sadism is ‘getting pleasure from inflicting pain’. Therefore shouldn’t these young men be flagged by mental health services as requiring emergency intervention and shouldn’t they face a charge for intentionally inflicting harm on an animal. Will any of those things happen? If they don’t – do you think people who have this in them stop by themselves? The answer is a regrettable: NO! When people can not control their harmful and anti-social behaviour – is it not the job of authorities and relevant public bodies to do so? The answer is: YES!
This morning I woke up adamant to get on top of things: feeding, vet visits, and getting ready for the pop-up shop. As I was putting one foot into my boots I was skimming through my newsfeed. I saw ‘Clare & graphic content’. What sprung automatically to my mind was a post by BabyDog rescue the previous night outlining how there is cruelty in every part of Clare. One man questioned that. I can vouch for it. There is. And I sat down, one foot in and one foot out, and my hand reached my mouth as I felt physically sick watching an innocent baby being abused by a young man who proceeded to whip off his shirt as a premiership footballer would do after scoring a goal! This young man wasn’t scoring any goal – only the applause and approval of his friends watching on. I quickly looked for a number to call. Like many of us who saw it – your instinct is ‘I have to find her!’ And so I did with the help of MLHR who worked at a fast pace to secure a phone number that would lead to rescuing this kitten.
Getting on top of things pales into insignificance when all you can think of is a tiny body enduring the boot of a young man. Kicking her with full force; tossing her into the air with no regard for the tiny bones that would make impact with a tiled floor. You could nearly see his insatiable appetite for more and you could certainly hear it from his friends.
As I drove to the house to get her, I glanced at the big empty cat box in my driver’s seat. Hoping she would be there and praying no minds would be changed.
I was so grateful that on my way home, there was a big box holding the tiniest kitten. Before reaching Ennis, I stopped the car, opened the door and took her out to cuddle her as she was crying. Once held, her cries stopped but there was no purring, just silence; there was no resistance, just a little body giving in, nearly waiting for what was to come.
Today, I have seen every aspect of the human character: anger, outrage, sadness, kindness, and apathy and dismissal and a disregard for what really matters. You see, this kitten matters. It’s now not just about this tiny vulnerable girl; it’s about every other kitten, dog, horse and farm animal that is abused. It’s about the lack of appetite for justice from some of those in authority. Without justice we are allowing sadistic, disturbing, and self-gratifying behaviour to take the place of ‘normal’. Without normal we continue to spiral into a place where laws and morals are nothing but words. Weak and irrelevant words. We can not minimise the pain of animals. To dismiss their suffering makes it OK to cause it.
In the last few days, this is my experience of authorities when I went to them on different matters of cruelty: ‘I must have missed that day in Templemore,’ one member of the Guards told me when I reminded him he is an authorised officer to intervene in cruelty and when we presented him with a clear cruelty case. With another cruelty case, I was told to just ‘let it go’. Today what happened this kitten was dismissed initially as ‘lads just being lads’. This type of ‘lad’ is not the type of ‘lad’ I want any animal crossing paths with. One Guard actually called me to tell me to return the kitten: to a house where abusers frequent. My answer was: NO.
Tonight this kitten is safe; she should have been safe in her own home. Last night a group of young men chose to put her life at risk. They chose to inflict life threatening kicks and throws and they chose to film it.
It is time our justice system set precedents. The alternative is seeing people who hurt animals progressing to other negative need fulfillments that just might involve someone you love dearly. Are you OK with that?

11 thoughts on “When human nature becomes undone!

  1. For tonight I’m sending hugs from all here. I need to process that the kitten is safe, but there’s so much more, so many layers of emotion that video peeled back, left raw until I find s way to put my soul back together.
    I’ll comment further when I’m mended. For now, thank you so, so much xx

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    1. Sue there is a march on the 4th of October at 2pm on Government Buildings that is being organised by Action for Animal Welfare in Ireland – there are lots of these marches organised throughout the year and they are very badly attended yet when these videos and news stories go up everyone is outraged. Please encourage as many people as possible to attend – we need a huge presence to say we won’t condone this anymore… the hares, horses, dogs especially greyhounds too are being abused – this has to stop…the Garda’s comment when this was reported is disgraceful he said I must have missed that day in Templemore, when asked what he was supposed to do about it.


  2. The sad thing is that in the same part of clare there is a on going case where a farmer dumped animals of a cliff the guards should b cracking down on this not passing it off unfortunately these people look at animals as commodities not living breathing animals. And have no regard for them fair play to the lady for standing her ground and getting the kitten to safety

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  3. Catriona, I cried reading this. You sum it up so well. What kind of mindset do these people have. I am so disheartened by the attitude of people in authority you have met. This should most definitely be something they discuss in Templemore. Why not?? Poor little Kitten. May she only know kindness and trust from here on. That purr will return but for now she is broken. Well done to you on facing those people. That cannot have been easy. If justice isn’t done after all the media attention this has received we will take to the streets. X

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  4. The guards are hopeless often, but it’s good to find out the good ones locally and stick to them – we have a couple of good ones in Bantry. However, it’s usually the ISPCA that should be called in matters of animal cruelty – the article sounds like you just contacted the guards. https://www.ispca.ie/cruelty_complaint or helpline 1890 515 515. Though I know they don’t cover every county. They should still respond I think. Since the new laws came out there’s much more they can do, and do do. Our ISPCA inspector is fab and just stepped in successfully on a neglect case.

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