The Truth about The Truth!

. . . When we tell the truth, we don’t have to hide or defend untruths. However, when we tell the truth, we leave ourselves open to blame and criticism. Not everyone can bare the truth and some people use the only truth you have to pick faults, to punish, and to cause drama. There is only one truth; it’s created every minute we live, every time we experience, and everytime we engage with life – once created – we can’t alter it – unless we lie.
I’m not going to do that. I have about twenty message requests unopened. The fear of reading another ‘how could you?’ have left them filed away as requests only. So, how could I hand back a kitten to his owners and how could I ‘a silly person’ (to quote one rescuer) not have got a surrender form signed.
Here is my truth – unaltered. When I saw the video of a kitten being abused in Clare, I made one call. A call to MLHR. They had shared the video in an effort to find the kitten. I was told that I would be called back by another team member. I got that call and was given a number. My priority was to get the kitten to a vet. I can’t remember the journey there after calling a member of the family because it was deeply upsetting watching that video and feeling angry and helpless was distracting! It’s the latter feeling I can’t cope with so that is why I was desperate to find him. A rescuer during the week accused me of writing ‘dribble’ on this matter. The same rescuer said ‘I put myself first and not the kitten’. I’m an empath: and it is no joy to be one. You can’t change this emotional state. I, like other empaths feel things so deeply that in this case you feel yourself being kicked, being thrown across the kitchen, being afraid and then you transfer that feeling into a tiny baby kitten and you imagine everything they must have felt. It wasn’t about me but a kitten can not put into words the suffering he endured. We are meant to be their voice; I’m not a robot. Seeing what this kitten endured was truly upsetting. My words and feelings reflected that.
And so, once at the address given, I met a very upset girl who handed me the kitten to take to the vet. There were no parents there as they had to attend an important appointment away the previous day. There was no surrender form as this was not discussed at this stage.The kitten needed to get to a vet. To talk about a surrender form at this stage would have delayed getting an abused kitten to a veterinary practice!
MLHR stayed in touch with the owners, myself, and the guards at all times! Whilst Colin remained at the vets, there was a lot of dialogue and the family outlined what happened and their upset as Colin was all safe in his bed in the utility room prior to the boys (visitors to this house) abusing him.
The owners were happy to surrender Colin and this was a conversation between Dublin and Clare over the phone. There was no pressure placed on them, there was only a conversation as to what might be best.
The day Colin was due to be discharged, I was helping get a donkey out of a forest and I was out of coverage. Suddenly when back at the rescue my phone had numerous messages. Colin was to be returned.I couldn’t believe it. A guard and a sergeant wanted me to call them. I went to the vets and I returned all the calls. I won’t go into detail but the investigating guard and a sergeant told me the kitten had to be returned immediately. They had met with the family who I stress are a very loving and caring family. The conversation with the investigating guard was difficult as she made completely false allegations about me and questioned why was I getting involved in the first place. I was told the only person they go to advice for any matter is the dog warden after I tried to get them to listen to ‘rescue opinion’. Then the father of the house arrived. He was so upset for Colin and his own family, and the nightmare they were thrown into. Yes, I tried to hold onto Colin despite coming face to face with a man who wanted to bring their pet kitten home. He stood with an empty cat box and inside my jeep was Colin in a cat box. I still believed Colin deserved a new beginning but I listened to this man – really listened, and I did feel this family deserved a second chance! After all this could have happened to any of us where our younger sister was out socialising, some lads went to her home after a night out, and she went to bed and they did something completely awful and unacceptable to the family pet.
Yes, I would have chosen to face the courts if it was those young men I had to give the kitten back to. The investigating guard over this case did not engage in conversation when at first I refused to give back the kitten. She chose intimidation; she chose to falsely accuse me of something I never did. What she doesn’t know is this, I chose in the end to give back the kitten because I trust this family. Yes, I do need Garda clearance for my job and I did fear losing that if they went down a legal route to get back the kitten. Yes, the guard’s attitude and behaviour was overwhelming. But I would have faced the consequences of them pursuing a legal route with me if I didn’t think Colin was going to be safe. Those young men had never been at this house prior to this night; they will never be welcomed again. It has taken till now for me to understand why I did what I did but I am clear on it now.
But, there was a complete U turn and it remains a mystery how a voluntary surrender to MLHR turned into a case of me taking the kitten and not returning him. At all times I was not acting alone; I had the advice and support of MLHR.
That evening after giving Colin up, I received a lovely photo of Colin in the arms of one of the kids and a thank you.
This family need to be shown compassion and understanding. It could have happened any of us and we need to be empathetic to the public scrutiny and turmoil they have been plunged into.
As regards the young men. Their behaviour is beyond comprehension. I worry for them and the animals that cross their path, as no content, happy, emotionally well person carries out such cruel acts on a defenceless pet. I worry that they shared the clip as they had a willing and interested audience. There does need to be consequences and they do need to enter into some sort of therapeutic relationship to be challenged about this abusive behaviour. Without remorse, abuse continues.
So, this is the truth. I sometimes find it hard to digest the truth but if we can’t accept the truth, what’s really going on for us. Is it bringing up something we’re not dealing with? I don’t know myself. But there are a lot of false truths in social media and they are misleading. There are also alot of unanswered questions. Why rescue work needs to stop to let a local dog warden do his job? Why there was such an intimidating and heavy handed approach by the guards? Why a voluntary surrender was intervened with? I’m not sure if we will ever know what exactly happened between the voluntary surrender and the moment I stood outside the vets and refused at first to return Colin.
I expect a file will be sent to the DPP and hope – really hope that there will be a prosecution. There is a case to be heard and it should be heard. Any alternative is not acceptable.
During all this, there was poor old Murphy that was stuck in a woods for days. Once pulled out of the mud hole he fell into, he couldn’t walk back to his Paddock at An Cat Dubh. So Rhona put a call out for help and seeing her need for help I put another call out for very strong men. Yes, it was disappointing the poor response but those that did made great efforts to find men to help. In the end it was myself, Joe from Forgotten Horses (who drove from Kinvara), Pascal, Barry, Mick, and an ex student of mine who each took a piece of the pole that held up the sling that Murphy sat in. There was little talk as inch by inch we lifted Murphy out of the most dense forest I have ever been in. Getting him into his stable and seeing him reunited with Rhona and his friends was the perfect reward. There was a funny moment where a man called me from Dublin – very business like, and just asked me ‘do you need a helicopter?’ It is moments like that where you look down at your feet immersed in mud, looking at a donkey amongst the trees unable to walk, and I just smiled to myself and said ‘not today, thanks!’ Such crazy and surreal moments!
I enjoyed my time with Rhona in the stable as I held the drip up. Rescuers usually just get moments of conversation and so many stories never get finished! You had to be ready to move with Murphy’s moves so the drip wouldn’t be pulled out. Hence the drip holding! Rhona has some great men out there helping her! They are really kind and caring. How they managed to carve out the perfect path home for Murphy was like magic.
And then there was the pop-up shop ‘Dresses to the Rescue’. Yes the first day was tainted by the comments that I found difficult to read, but you have to draw a line, step over it, and leave the negativity behind. It over steps the mark sometimes and taps you on the shoulder as if to say ‘I’m still here’ and so it is but it’s manageable now!
I met so many amazing people at the pop-up shop! Prior to opening I was surrounded by stylish and gifted ladies who allowed me to stand still as I watched them turn an empty space into a trendy clothes outlet! So many of my friends turned up with dresses, cakes, donations, and worked some amount of hours. One friend sat up a coffee & cake counter making sure everybody got a cuppa and cake. Another friend travelled from Athlone and manned the shop to allow me to feed the horses. I’m so grateful for the great people in my life; I get so caught up with animals, I lose sight of their needs as friends. I’m going to try be a better friend!
There are many stories these dresses could tell! And there is a book in this one week alone. Maybe one day, it will be written.
Back to telling the truth. I wish we all could be better at handling it! I wish we all could be kinder to each other too. It maybe ‘dribble’ to write such a thing but I’ll own it! It’s mine and I won’t be changing any time soon. x

2 thoughts on “The Truth about The Truth!

  1. This is a wonderfully written piece. It portrays the frustration and lack of support that fantastic Rescues endure.

    People who work (remember for free and often using their own funds) are faced daily with heartbreaking and horrific situations where often they are constrained by laws and red tape. I can only imagine the choices and decisions they Have to make.

    They can only do their best in any given circumstance and it is sad to hear these criticisms especially from another rescue.

    If we care instead of this negativity we should help and encourage- maybe we cannot all be hands on but there are many other ways – donate, fundraise, share posts, help enlighten others, fight for laws to be upheld and enforced and new laws to be passed – there are countless opportunities to support in some way

    I respect and applaud everyone who works in or for Rescue Groups – they are the most amazing people – thank you


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