My Prince Charming

On Wednesday I couldn’t leave the house for long and Frank kindly dropped haylage to my door. Before he left, he asked me why did I think my little Rescue, Prince Harry, was different from the rest I’ve lost? Sometimes we have to ponder on questions that require some kind of reasoning but I didn’t have to think about the answer. Because I thought I would grow old with my Prince Harry. For those of us who really let animals into our lives, we don’t just think of growing old with our partners. We think of the other loves in our lives that have 4 paws that etch deep into our hearts and minds. Is it because they are forever ‘child like’? Full of hope and enthusiasm. They fully depend on us and in return they love us consistently regardless of our bad days and ‘bad hair days’! Pat said, what person would keep running out to meet you every time you come home, when he spoke about his dog. Maybe we should look more at animals’ and what they do for us – it is not an effort, it’s innate in them – to be there for us as much as they can. Are they the role models we should look up to?
Any animal that crosses my path, I care for and yes, I show them love as if they were my own. It’s not a choice; it is like leaves to trees. But along comes ‘1’ and it’s like you have lived a lifetime with them. I guess when an animal battles illness again and again, you bond very quickly. Just as humans do when they share on an emotional
level or as a carer. It is that attachment that is way harder to unhook from, unlike physical attraction. So it’s a hidden dating tip! Share deeply! There will be more dates then!!!
Prince Harry got FIP which instills fear into cat lovers! I heard the letters and did not know what they meant. I learned so quickly from two vets and research on-line pushed me from one site to the other – I wanted a site that would not use the word ‘fatal’.
Part of me thinks – maybe the child in me – still believes if I love enough and pray enough – I can make animals and yes, people I love better. That along with alternative cures. It hasn’t worked this time. Prince Harry has left this world. Our last night together, I cherished his smell, his softness and his tiny pink nose that pushed into my cheek to make sure I know how much he loves me and to tell me, ‘I’m still here’. The head bumps and nose kisses weakened as his body started to shut down over the last few days.
Prince Harry was rescued by SCAR and I fostered him as he was spending so much time in the vets. What we didn’t know was he was battling FIP. Hard to diagnose and nearly impossible to treat. At the vets he captured many hearts and I’m so grateful to Ennis Veterinary Clinic for their genuine care for him. And for guiding me to a decision that I’m a coward to face. Yesterday one by one, the nurses said goodbye to a prince that lived before. Such was his human-like traits. He loved candles and Lyric FM. It will be our connection now for the rest of my days.
Cats get a raw deal. A lot of people dislike them. So many live homeless as feral cats and depend on someone leaving out a bit for them to eat or they depend on their hunting skills (9 out of 10 hunts fail). They need rescues to trap them to save them from a lifetime of fights or having babies. They are incredibly loving animals when given any kind of care. Neutering cats would end so much suffering. Why can’t more people do the decent thing? Why do so many intentionally hurt them?
Another thing occurred to me earlier. How we can send texts to people when we are angry or in giving out mode, not mindful of what they might be dealing with as they read the ‘verbal punch’. Wednesday, as I cradled Harry, I read a message on my phone. Another rescuer giving out to me in the harshest way possible. No, they didn’t know. But I told them. It changed nothing.
Prince Harry at 6 months old was just a baby. Someone didn’t neuter his mommy and someone made him suffer. Just like the six month old foal with a furry tail rescued by HHO, just a baby, a baby wearing shoes, when he should have been still with his mother being minded. What kind of person gets up on a baby? What kind of person rolls down a window in a moving car and throws kittens out on the road. Who are you and what is wrong with you? Fix it!
I’m forever grateful that I got to care for this little man. It is truly a privilege but a heartbreaking one.
So yesterday, I decided I would go to Dublin to the Blog Awards and win it for him and all the animals let down my humans. Unfortunately I came home with being a finalist, with no award. But I will take that. That is what I got, and that in itself is a gift to the animals and recognition of them. That will do – for this year ; ))!! Thanks to Linda for getting me there and for being a great support as my friends were and Pat and Siobhan – along with my family.
Yes, I finally met my feline Prince. I just won’t get to grow old with him. But where he is now there is a beautiful young apple tree that will remind me of him for the next forty years and that will last me, well, my lifetime. x


2 thoughts on “My Prince Charming

  1. My kids inform me “your not supposed to have favorites” and while that is true for them, it doesn’t quite work with animals. Some of them just sneak a little closer to the heart, and wrap a little tighter around your soul.
    It doesn’t mean you love the rest any less, it’s just a little difference in the bond.
    But usually it’s the ones that need more of you. And in his short time with you, Harry needed all of you. And he got it. Don’t dwell on the amount of time you had with him. Remember the love and kindness shared.
    Life is not measured in moments or breaths, but the moments that take your breath away.
    I’m sorry you lost him, but I’m glad he found you.

    As for the blog awards…. Well I’m here, lol
    Your my winner, or maybe I’m the winner for following the glimpses of your life. Either way, you came second to a worthy “opponent” because you’re on the same side. You looked beautiful (and yes pat, you looked dashing too) I hope it was a nice break from the norm for you.
    Love from all up here. ❤️ 💕


  2. 💕💕💕 next year 3 of us will be there!! My heart is aching today, as I look at all his meds – I hope I am as loved when someone lets me go! Yes, you’re right – it’s the moments that matter! Lots of love to ye too xxxx


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