To Whom It May Concern


Yesterday I visited your dog! You know, the one you loved so much but sold away. I thought you might like to know how she is doing in the home you never checked before you handed her over to a stranger. You see, it’s not a home. Her space is a few feet, tied to a fence. She lies on muck and stones. No, this isn’t the home she is use to. Is it? I know this because I was told. You see she never stops crying for you. Everyday she waits for you to take her home. The man, you know the one, the stranger you sold the dog you loved to, he told me you always had her with you. He told me she isn’t use to being outdoors. At least he was honest!
You know I hear her everyday. Even when I’m not beside her. Fields away she can be heard. She probably hopes you’ll hear her too. But you’re far away. It is hard not to be upset. I bought her a chain. Yes, I bought a chain for the dog you loved so much. I never did that before. The rope was choking her and her legs were being wound up in a thick raveling rope. We gave her a house and a bed. She never ripped it up like the other dogs here do. Because she knows what a bed is. You gave the dog you loved everything she needed. I’m sure many people complimented your dog you loved so much.I wonder when people ask you where she is, what do you say? Hardly, ‘I sold her away!’
She’s so beautiful and soulful. She puts her paw on my knee as if to say, please take me home but I can’t because you sold her away. The dog you loved so much has food, toys, a small wooden hut because I love the dog you loved so much. She has everything but a home and happiness; therefore nothing really. The dog you loved so much has a broken heart.
Why didn’t you surrender her to a rescue rather than surrender her fate to the cruel deal, that is Done Deal. Done Deal don’t do happy ever after for animals; they never claim to. A rescue would have checked every possible home until they found the best one. But I guess you put a price on the dog you loved so much.
She will spend the next few weeks waiting for you until the day comes she gives up and gives into life on a chain without you.

Wish you were here for her. I don’t know where you are but maybe someone will get this letter to you.
From a stranger who loves the dog you once loved so much!

One thought on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. 💔
    I have a few dogs here, waiting for the purfect homes, some are happy dogs one is not happy, he never learned to play or be with other animals.
    None of them are on ropes or chains, a rescue will be doing homechecks for them to find them the perfect home. Until then, they run with my dogs during the day they have access to 12 acres, but mostly stay on the yard with me.
    I love them like my own, until they find another family to love them. Thank you for showing the wee one you spoke of some love. She’ll know. And as she grows accustomed to the length of the chain, as she realises that her old owner isn’t coming back, I hope she doesn’t lose her will and hope. 💞


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