Your horse is tied to a pole!

To the people who tether their horses – just a few questions today! 

When you tie your horse to the pole, how do you think he will feed himself when the green grass beneath turns to mud? Will he dig for the roots to stop the hunger pains or focus on the green fields surrounding him – the ones his rope keeps him from. Imagining what it would like to be there. But you’ll move him to the next pole or maybe bring him hay? What? No hay? You never buy hay? Who has a horse and doesn’t buy hay? And your friend owns the next pole, you say? So, there’s no keeping your horse’s hunger at bay. 

When you tie your horse to the pole, where do you think he will find water – hardly from the bucket you might bring once a day that he kicks over straight away. What? You don’t even bring water so no chance of that. Well, that’s one problem solved, you’d never do that! 

When you tie your horse to a pole? How do you think they will run and roll. Oh, I hear you, there is a few feet in that rope. He can run so far – to a standstill of course-back and forth. Sorry, of course your horse doesn’t like to roll. He doesn’t need much you said! But isn’t he 16 hands, tied to a pole, with not only not much but nothing at all. 

When you tie your horse to the pole and lie in bed at night, do you think of the fraying rope severing his legs every time he tries to reach that last bit of grass? What? Oh, you like him lean. Doesn’t that make sense, no grass in his mouth and no fat on his back. Lean and mean, just what you want. 

When you tie your horse to a pole? I’m curious to know, what do you say to yourself when your lovely tall horse is dead – tied to a pole? Oh, I hear you, you tie another horse to another pole, but you make the rope a bit shorter, just in case. You’re taking no chances this time. And what about your dead horse? Right, not your problem. It’s not your land after all. 

When you tie your horse to a pole – I thought you might like to know that it maybe a rope to you but a noose to someone who knows. 

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