There’s something about Mick!

Someone said to me today, that Mick Lynch is ‘salt of the earth!’ Perhaps a simplistic description but fitting for this wordsmith whose words aren’t carefully chosen, scripted, rehearsed: no, they are like leaves to trees: natural and right on time; capable of withstanding those agenda driven interviewers who try to blow up a storm and blame him for it! But when words are ‘cut from a good conscience’ no amount of clever and cunning interrogation techniques can dent a good fight. 

If Mick Lynch was a landscape, he’d be Connemara on a wild Winter’s day. You feel the chill but are captivated by the rugged rawness. You feel vulnerable and protected at the same time. Yes, he’s trending for a reason and it comes down to ‘salt’ and he’s worth his weight in it. 

Back to ‘salt of the earth’, first mentioned in the Bible when Jesus said believers were ‘salt of the earth’ and if they lost their flavour, well, they would be of no benefit to anyone. Mick Lynch is the benefit we have all been waiting for: we all benefit from honesty, whether the truth is difficult or welcoming, the end result is better than the alternative: lies, manipulation and deceit. Now, where does that get us? 

Salt also stops meat and other foods from corrupting. Corrupt has become a word we have nearly normalised, accepted. Because no matter how much ‘salt’ there is, well, there will always be those who benefit enormously from corruption. So they just will do anything to keep moving the ‘salt’ or remove the ‘salt’.  However, Mick Lynch remains on the table, unflustered, unmoved… 

I hope politicians/decision makers here (who are very tuned into trends) can look at this man whose main weaponry is honesty and empathy and perhaps recognise that there is a collective craving for more people like him.

And to bring it back to the purpose of my blog: shining a small light on animal welfare. I wish the Minister for Agriculture whose remit is animal welfare, would acknowledge the layers of concerns of animal advocates and rescuers. It would be a welcomed start. A grain of salt is better than none after all. 

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