Last Christmas

Last Christmas feels like the other day and without sounding ‘first worldish’ in my ‘oh woe is me’ - I’m really fearful of this coming one: because I don’t want to feel the way I did last Christmas. Oh yes, the handle came off my front door literally and my world seemed to come undone. [...]

The thing about adjectives!

The thing about adjectives is: we need to watch how they change us! Adjectives modify nouns. And that’s fine and dandy when that noun is an inanimate object like a table or a chair. We don’t just buy tables and chairs. We buy that ‘white table’ or those ‘retro chairs’. Adjectives help us decide whether [...]

The Smells of our Lives:

Life can be broken into different chapters: relationships, locations, careers, and then there are (those) smells.  A recent study, showed that our brains integrate smell with information about space and time to form episodic memories. And we all know how a smell can whizz us back to a ‘there and then’ episode of our lives.  [...]

Dying to Kill: Saturday morning with the lads

I should be sitting opposite a client right now; actively listening, observing, and asking all those open ended questions that might lead to some sort of resolution or much needed revelations. Instead I find myself sitting in my car at the side of a road I’ve nicknamed ‘the rollercoaster’ such are the hills and sharp [...]

Changing Minds with Molly

Molly Coincidences happen. But how strange they can be. In the space of two hours I had a conversation about Greyhounds with two women: one was taking bloods from me and one took a bag of cat litter from me. And to add more coincidence, I had spoken to Greyhound advocate, Katie Corcoran, who is [...]

The Day Before You

We grow up on stories, we create stories, we share them using lines like, ‘you’ll never believe this...’ or ‘it’s like something out of a movie!’ Yes, life can be stranger than fiction. And when it comes to love, even more so.  Paulo Coehlo said, ‘when one person leaves us, it is because another is [...]

When a live line becomes a noose

You have to admire any presenter whose show runs like a conducted orchestra. Joe’s leading questions, on Liveline, are like those hands dancing in the air to the sounds they are extracting. The hands that knows the sound before the musician has delivered it. Joe can certainly play people very well. Their drawn out answers [...]

Nowzad: the life lesson in a word

If you have an innate love and respect for all lives, the last few days as Afghanistan became undone was akin to that desperately sad movie that you hope is not based on a true story. But the irony is art constantly copies life and in the strangest and cruelest of fiction lies someone’s truths [...]

The Department of Agriculture and Faults

Minister McConalogue who employs a convicted animal abuser as a welfare official. The thing is when you blog about animal welfare you could be accused of being a broken record and worse. Well, one department vet has a history of going around telling people, I’m trouble, which could be deemed a worse insult. Whenever fellow [...]