What would you do?

There is something very unusually  obvious about the #SaveKim campaign: there isn’t the usual ‘gloves off’ online debates and two-sided arguments. You see, the thing is, there doesn’t seem to be any other side for the #SaveKim team to debate with at all (aside from literally one or three people). But there is heap loads of [...]

There’s something about Mick!

Someone said to me today, that Mick Lynch is ‘salt of the earth!’ Perhaps a simplistic description but fitting for this wordsmith whose words aren’t carefully chosen, scripted, rehearsed: no, they are like leaves to trees: natural and right on time; capable of withstanding those agenda driven interviewers who try to blow up a storm [...]

Whipping Words

Have you ever kicked a tyre when you realise you’ve a puncture? Maybe you’ve let your head fall against the steering wheel with frustration when you realise your car is not going anywhere and the dashboard is a toy Vegas. But you know it’s not the car’s fault just as much as you would know [...]

Triggers: stop shooting the messenger

How many times have you asked yourself, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ in a scolding, angry, frustrated way. Perhaps after you ‘lost it’ with someone or you burst out crying over something that didn’t warrant upset. Imagine if you swapped the ‘beating yourself up’ with ‘what happened me that I get triggered when someone says or [...]

Emotional Intelligence: the essential subject missing on the timetable

I’ve worked with a lot of young people who cared little about the leaving certificate and I’ve worked in schools where the importance of the leaving cert weighs heavily on young minds who do not have the psychological ‘muscle’ to carry it - so something usually gives way in an effort to cope. Their ‘all [...]

Dying to Live

Life and Death go hand in hand: the constant relationship we all exist in. Always there, regardless of whether we mindfully breathe deeply or take for granted our breath; always there whether we feel less than well or very well. All other relationships exist within this primary one.  In this attraction of opposites, death however [...]

What’s Trust Got To Do With it?

Trust me….Trust me not…Trust…. For some, a suspicious relationship with trust is born from trust being broken after being either promised or taken as a given. It’s like being promised warm sunshine, and then a cloud comes along out of nowhere, and you feel that sudden chill; the sparkle is erased with blobs of grey [...]

You say it best…

Our need to be right is sometimes so desperate that it’s willing to step on hearts, minds, esteem, to win that coveted title, ‘I’m right!’ and we all know the silent second part to that loaded statement: ‘you’re wrong!’ What is it with some people and pedestals? Isn’t it lonely and cold up there! In [...]

Bless me, Father, for I have not sinned…

There was always a type of ‘tug of war’ in my mind between whether to have children or whether to choose not to. No, our younger selves, never think ’maybe I can’t!’I always felt time was on my side from my twenties to my thirties and even when I looked ahead to my forties: I [...]