When the handle comes off the door

You never are ready for the Christmas ‘gifts’ that are the adult version of the surprise you never asked for. The surprise you wish you could return to sender.  On Christmas Day the handle came off my door literally and not so literally. As I closed the front door the handle came off in my [...]

The Christmas Magnifying Glass! Oh, yes there is….

I’m privledged as a counsellor to be able to hear people’s stories - usually in a completely raw state: no filter, no editing, or no ‘putting on a face’. And because of my role I can remind clients that they are not alone in their pain, their grief, broken-heartness, loneliness or whatever troubles them. But [...]

A crazy little thing called home!

Home seems to be a recurring theme these days on my site but I guess it’s the nature of the business here. I’m going to make a somewhat informed guess and say that most of us have said at some stage or at many stages in our lives: I just want to go home. HOME! [...]

The photos you will never see…

This week I was shown a photo of a stunning coloured mare side by side with a young woman. We all know the saying - a picture speaks a thousand words. But for many of us who have been through those testing ‘befores’ and rewarding ‘afters’ or those ‘It’s hard to believe’  ‘then and nows’ - [...]

No place like home!

Brie & Me We all can have different reactions to the word home. For some regardless of the negative connotations-home is still home - it’s all you know and you long for it. For those of us lucky enough, home is safety; home is love. When I first started working in secondary school settings, I [...]

‘Functioning with a broken heart.’

The above poignant headline is borrowed from Mundy. Yesterday I listened to Jarlath Regan’s  interview with the Offaly artist. I’m a late starter to podcasts and it was my brother who opened up my ‘under-used’ iPhone features to me. When you are busy out on a yard or doing long distances - podcasts are now my [...]

When a rescue unpacks: the emotionally difficult work behind the photos

‘Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.’ G.S.Patton Some of you are probably familiar with the counselling term ‘unpacking’ and all of us are probably over familiar with the term ‘emotional baggage’ - whether our own or someone else’s. Many therapists would argue until we unpack, piece by piece, all that emotion stuffed in [...]

So, I stole your dog! (the mindset of a dognapper)

Whenever I talk about stolen dogs, the conversation constantly ends up down that cul-de-sac of despair where one question is left suspended between minds: why would anyone steal a dog away from his family? It’s a question that haunts and tortures the victims of dognapping. Over the years I’ve done my fair share of plamasing [...]

When the only choice is to run!

I have two tricky rescue dogs. Tricky meaning...I have to keep a close eye on them. Paudie was found dodging Galway City traffic which tests even those of us in cars. Imagine being a tiny JR on a busy Halloween night in the middle of the city’s busiest junctions. Yes, he stood out. My sister [...]