Did I ever tell you the story about a lady who…

Everyday we are drip fed diverse stories from rescues: lives saved, lives lost, funding needed, funding raised. It is not about the rescuer: it’s about the act, the act of rescuing or gifting a dignified ending. The fact we know little about rescuers themselves pretty much summarises their characters: selfless & altruistic - animals come [...]

From a whisper to a scream: fighting for what is theirs

I’ve pretty much broken up with the idea of ‘if you do good, good things will happen you.’ But like any break-up, once you get over it and get on with it, things just tip along: peaks and valleys. No matter how good or how careful you are, the valleys will trip you up for [...]

The sometimes fixable fate

Yesterday we lost a little rescue called Ashling: a calico who did automatic flips to get a belly rub as you passed. She personified sweetness. Losing a rescue plunges your mind back into the ‘what ifs’. Our mind - if given a choice would choose chaos and pain. I guess that’s why working on peace [...]

Dead Horses: their telling tales

If horses were a prominent character in fairytales and their story-lines mimicked their realities & endings, children would be asking you a lot of questions. You see children have no filter: they just ‘spit it out’. They ‘want to know’ and they more than likely will never give up asking until you formulate an age [...]

If everyday was one little life…

Puddin... Some people would say we really are just a number of days. So everyday should be like one little  life - if we are to get the best out of our days. What should go into these days if money could not dictate its amazingness? Could we make our days more meaningful and more memorable [...]

The Buriers of Ashton Dog Pound

We all know buriers , many of us have been affected by one, and lots died because of them.... My first experience of a burier was being thirteen after confiding in my tutor in school. I was taken out of class one day, to see what was wrong with me. I was sad: really sad. [...]

When the handle comes off the door

You never are ready for the Christmas ‘gifts’ that are the adult version of the surprise you never asked for. The surprise you wish you could return to sender.  On Christmas Day the handle came off my door literally and not so literally. As I closed the front door the handle came off in my [...]

The Christmas Magnifying Glass! Oh, yes there is….

I’m privledged as a counsellor to be able to hear people’s stories - usually in a completely raw state: no filter, no editing, or no ‘putting on a face’. And because of my role I can remind clients that they are not alone in their pain, their grief, broken-heartness, loneliness or whatever troubles them. But [...]

A crazy little thing called home!

Home seems to be a recurring theme these days on my site but I guess it’s the nature of the business here. I’m going to make a somewhat informed guess and say that most of us have said at some stage or at many stages in our lives: I just want to go home. HOME! [...]