When ‘just’ is part of the problem!

I once was a resource teacher in a DEIS school. One morning I stood at the front door with the vice-principal as one after the other, he turned students from the door. Being new I resisted giving into my innate response ‘what are you doing?’ to a perceived wrong-doing. Instead I opted for a calm [...]

You’re a disgrace!

I always wanted to be liked. But that changed the day I saw a pony tethered to a fence at the side of a road covered in mud. I didn’t know it changed; necessity changed it. Years ago, necessity required my apathy when it came to people’s opinions of me. It didn’t get my permission, [...]

Naughty or Nice?

Naughty or Nice? If there was a naughty or nice list (for adults!), the nice list would feature alot of names from the rescue world we have become accustomed to. In some of their cases there should probably be a ‘too nice for their own good!’ list too. You see, some really are; others have [...]

Where a horse has no name: Ireland’s Chronic Equine Crisis

In Ireland we have animal welfare legislation to be somewhat proud of, but as the saying goes, sadly ‘it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on’. Like Monopoly money - it covers the department on the board table, but is worthless in the ‘real world’! We are good at these things in Ireland: pretending we [...]

More than just Politics!

Newstalk Breakfast gave air time to a member of the new Animal Welfare Political party during the week. There is something a bit ‘untuned’ about this station when it comes to any topic related to animals. One of the presenters the other morning had an issue with the word ‘sentient’ in relation to animals. He [...]

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the craziest of us all?

‘Jaysus, are you one of those?’ he laughed. I gave him time to get it all out. ‘One of what?’ I asked, purposely. I knew what he meant as he looked into my front window as we chatted outside. ‘Crazy Cat Ladies!’ he answered. ‘Thought you’d have more sense,’ he added. And that is where [...]

Fill My Shoes?

Sometimes motivation comes from remembering: look what you have done so far! And so, I sat outside and looked at my four miniature rescue ponies. Their big brown eyes were focused on my pockets - where their treats came from! All smallies who have survived environments and circumstances our nightmares would never be made of. [...]