Stone Cold Cruelty

Aptronym is a personal name aptly or peculiarly suited to its owner. We often get a kick out of what this (difficult to remember) word means when we think of Niall Hatch who works for Bird Watch Ireland and Gillian Bird who works for DSPCA.  This week I thought of this word when I looked [...]

The luck of the draw & short straws

‘Sure, they’ll have no luck for it.’ I realised this week, people who love and care about me get to say that line a lot to me. I also realised they have good reasons to over use this (oddly perceived) comforting line with me, but my third realisation this week is: well, I don’t want [...]

A job is just a job for some!

The problem is: when lives depend on them doing their job How many times have you said, ‘they are in the wrong job?’ or ‘who hired them?’ or ‘they aren’t able for their job?’  I found myself hugging a cold cup of tea after listening to an interview on Drive Time with a mum who [...]

A Purposeful Net

‘The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter…’ (Leo Rosten) This is not a recruitment campaign for animal rescuers; this is a recruitment for purpose.  I listened with sadness to the latest report which found that there is a concerning rise in young people self-harming. I listened to the findings and [...]

Saving Kim

Once a year I hear from an elderly lady (Irish born) living in London. Her hearing is very bad so she keeps talking and I listen. Yes, I wish she could hear me laugh when she makes really funny jokes about life, and I wish she could hear my similar feelings when she talks about [...]

The apples and the trees: catching them when they fall

We all did and do things we regret. And the last word is key: regret! And when we regret something, there’s a good chance we won’t repeat it. I remember as an 18 year old, my mother (for the first time ever) said if I went out that door, don’t come back! I knew she [...]

There’s Hay in My Tea!

At the end of the sanctuary day, I make a cup of tea and take a meandering path - me and my tea, up to my little space in the sanctuary. It’s a ritual that’s important to me as much as my need to stay up Christmas Eve when everyone is gone to sleep and [...]

Hello, Killorglin, it’s us, the general public calling!

There are so many metaphors you could throw at The Puck Fair debate, and there is one complex study waiting to happen as to where we are as a society when it comes to animal welfare. But, let’s ‘talk about the elephant in the room’ whilst tip- toeing around the minefields some ‘lovers of an [...]