Animal Rising: brewing up a moral storm

I recently watched the Animal Rising promo video as their group made their way peacefully through the Grand National crowd, side by side with race goers. There were so many blatant contrasts jumping from the screen. It became easy to pick sides.  The bubble pink T-shirts are a good choice of branding for this spirited [...]

No man is an island – unless they choose to be

I don’t know how I came upon a New York Times article about a tidal island; its sole-occupant: a stuntman, and the magical  embracing isolation that existed there. I was instantly captivated both by this island infront of me in black and white and by Pascal Whelan: the only full-time resident there. Google images revealed a [...]

If you know what is good for you…

Sometimes I wonder do we know anymore what is good for us? I’m not talking pilates or shots of wheatgrass in minuscule glasses: I’m actually not sure what I’m about to talk about!  I grew up hearing that well-worn-out line that burnt into our youthful soundscape: ‘if you know what’s good for you…you’ll get to [...]

I’ll huff, and I’ll puff. . .

We spend our younger childhoods immersed in fairytales and fables: stories of princesses waiting for princes, fairy godmothers making everything sparkle and more, and then there are their nemeses: the witches, the monsters,and the big bad wolves!  Instead of trusting our fairy godmother was hiding in the wardrobe keeping watch: we were sure there was [...]

Stone Cold Cruelty

Aptronym is a personal name aptly or peculiarly suited to its owner. We often get a kick out of what this (difficult to remember) word means when we think of Niall Hatch who works for Bird Watch Ireland and Gillian Bird who works for DSPCA.  This week I thought of this word when I looked [...]

The luck of the draw & short straws

‘Sure, they’ll have no luck for it.’ I realised this week, people who love and care about me get to say that line a lot to me. I also realised they have good reasons to over use this (oddly perceived) comforting line with me, but my third realisation this week is: well, I don’t want [...]

A job is just a job for some!

The problem is: when lives depend on them doing their job How many times have you said, ‘they are in the wrong job?’ or ‘who hired them?’ or ‘they aren’t able for their job?’  I found myself hugging a cold cup of tea after listening to an interview on Drive Time with a mum who [...]

A Purposeful Net

‘The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter…’ (Leo Rosten) This is not a recruitment campaign for animal rescuers; this is a recruitment for purpose.  I listened with sadness to the latest report which found that there is a concerning rise in young people self-harming. I listened to the findings and [...]

Saving Kim

Once a year I hear from an elderly lady (Irish born) living in London. Her hearing is very bad so she keeps talking and I listen. Yes, I wish she could hear me laugh when she makes really funny jokes about life, and I wish she could hear my similar feelings when she talks about [...]